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  • Personal Blog

    Hi, I am updating with a link to my personal blog! My personal blog is over at this website: Cynthia Knowledge Hunter Cynthia/Cyndi are preferred names of mine, although Charles, Charlie/Charli and Dr. Cavanaugh are good as well! Also, Cynthia happens to be the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt. I hunt knowledge. […]


  • More Content to Come

    More Content to Come

    Hi! I plan to post more content soon! -Charles/Cyndi Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

  • Simple Kubernetes minikube example

    Simple Kubernetes minikube example

    There are a lot of great Kubernetes and Docker tutorials on the Internet, but I have had difficulty finding the perfect one that gets you from source code to a deployed app running on minikube. In this tutorial, I will show how to deploy a simple NodeJS app to Kubernetes. It involves two main steps: […]

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